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Defeating Fear

Defeating fear is a continuous fight. It is literally "the fight of your life". It requires much more than just training, conditioning and a healthy lifestyle. Fear has a grip that leaves a bruise and makes you rub that bruise later as a reminder of the grasp. Leaving you with the memory of "fear was here". Defeating the beast takes perseverance, zeal, confidence, patience and self-love. One must be assertive and swift to mentally tame the beast and its influence. Fear will take control of your thoughts, your health and if not careful, your actions. Fear will cause you to regret, negate and neglect your purpose and existence. How do we defeat fear you ask?

We defeat fear by simply, JUST DOING IT! No matter what it looks or feels like, trust the process and go for it. It could be a new job, a new home, new friends, something even as simple as trying a new hairstyle. Fear hates movement. Choose to move, and to move in purpose. Purposed movement allows you to feel a sense of pride and fulfillment. Life is about your discovery of purpose and your contribution to earth. You defeat fear by choosing to bring dreams and visions to life. You defeat fear by taking no and seeking ways to find your yes. You defeat fear by bettering yourself and trusting yourself. You defeat fear by affirming your choices and not relying solely on the opinions of others. You defeat fear by showing up and not just existing.

You must believe that you are capable of doing the work. Make you a list of goals that are attainable. Be it a three hour goal, 24 hour goal, 3 month goal, or a year goal... start somewhere! Remember fear hates movement! Get moving! Find you an accountability partner. No matter how many times you seem to get knocked out or you have to forfeit, never stop trying!! As long as you are committed to the work, it will work! You got this! Fear will fall! You will rise, VICTORIOUS!

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