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Commitment Issues?

Are you having commitment issues? Not relational, well maybe it is, but follow me here.

Are you having a hard time committing to your dreams and goals? Are you having a hard time defining what your commitment to yourself and your desires look like? I can share from a place of "ouch" with this one. I have struggled for years accepting that I had commitment issues to my own dreams and goals and I definitely struggled with committing to myself. I lacked healthy boundaries. I lacked consistency. I lacked in a lot of areas that begin to show up in my attitude, performances (both personally and professionally), and in my attitude. Reality is, I had not committed to myself so therefore I lacked the ability to commit to my dreams and goals. I believed in myself, or at least saying that out loud then sounded good but my actions depicted something different.

Overtime, with the help of experiences, counseling and great accountability partners I have come to understand how self-neglect equates to the lack of commitment and acceptance. The longer the lack thereof is neglected the stronger the resentment, laziness, bitterness and a host of other nasty feelings become. Lack of commitment also breeds jealousy. Jealousy of individuals that have committed and are set to see their dreams through. Jealous that the very same dream you had is now alive but not because of you. Lack of commitment also breeds procrastination. Procrastination is a hindrance and encourages fear to keep its grip. Lack of commitment has also proven to be a very costly mistake.

While mistakes will certainly happen, it is imperative to understand how to prevent the mistakes from happening again. Commitment to yourself starts with acceptance of your abilities, your desires, your emotions, and your accountability partners. Committing to yourself will allow commitment to your dreams and goals to be easier. You will see the essence in building what you deserve and desire. Commitment to your dreams and goals take zeal and assurance. No matter how may detours or frustrations come, be persistent to see the commitment through! Commit today to start afresh! Renew your commitment to yourself. Renew your commitment to your goals and desires. Commitment will unlock endless possibilities, if you just confidently, DO IT!

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